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Structural Timber

Finger-jointed solid construction timber (KVH)

Spruce, Pine:

Moisture content: 16%±2%

Thickness: Standard 45 – 140 mm

(stepwise in 5 mm gradation, other dimensions on request)

Width: Standard 90 - 245 mm

(stepwise in 5 mm gradation, other dimensions on request)

Length: up to 13,5 m

Larch is available with special requests

Finger-jointed solid construction timber (KVH) is typically  used in modern timber construction applications.

KVH is characterized by defined load-bearing capacities.

The attractive planed surfaces and fast delivery times to the point of use satisfy the high requirements of house owners, designers, and craftsmen in every respect.

KVH is produced and stocked in standard cross-sections to cover all the requirements of modern timber frame construction.

The advantages of standardization for trade and the processing industry are obvious: produced as stock, short delivery times, economic planning, and construction.

On top of this, we are able to produce KVH on your demand: flexible, individual, and fast.

- Precise fit
- Attractive appearance
- Finger-jointing permits production in every length up to 13 m
- Superior dimensional stability due to the technical drying process

Our Products


Our products are made from high-quality wood from Northern Europe.



Pine is a flexible type of wood that is extensively utilized in various construction projects, both for its affordability and its ability to produce high-quality structures and decorative elements. It is a commonly employed material in a diverse range of building applications, including those that require intricate or precise construction.



Spruce has excellent resistance to decay and can maintain its quality for a considerable duration. Spruce is commonly employed in the construction of various structural elements like beams, joists, foundations, factories, and cabins. Due to its durability, the wood is ideal for siding construction.



Compared to other types of wood, larch performs favorably and is about 50 percent more robust than Scots pine or red Deal. Larch possesses excellent bending strength and toughness, making it a suitable material for various outdoor projects.

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